Van Geloven Changing production location certainly affects specifications and labels

Since a number of years Précon has actively been involved in snack manufacturer Ad van Geloven. At the moment a large relocation project is underway.

The production of, among other things, croquettes and bitterballen (meat-based snack balls) of the Van Dobben, Kwekkeboom and Laan brands is transferred to the snack factory of Van Geloven in Tilburg.

As a consequence adjustments in the specifications and packaging are required. For the implementation of this project Van Geloven opted for a flexible solution by hiring an expert of Précon.

"The consultant of Précon works accurately and independently, I find this very important. In addition, Précon has a flexible approach. For instance, the stipulated capacity can be adjusted, if so required." Wendy Cox, Team Leader Labelling & Specifications Van Geloven
Consultant Alex: “Due to the closing of a production location and the relocation of a number of products between the production locations, a large number of packaging must be adjusted. I screen the packaging on the statutorily compulsory information for this and whether this information is still up to date for the new location. Think about the identification marks that obviously change, but also the operator details, coding of the shelf life and potential changes in the recipe. In addition, the relocation is often used to redesign the packaging. When all information is complete and statutorily correct, it is sent to the design agency and the printer resulting in packaging suitable for the new location.” To ensure the information for the change of the packaging is complete, Alex enters into discussions with several departments, e.g. the quality and marketing departments, but also the design agency and the printer of the packaging. He says about this: “The responsibility for having the required information complete makes this contract so attractive to me. The creation of short lines to the various responsible people makes sure that work can be performed in a fast and effective manner. This offers the client a full-service solution and leads to a perfect final result.” The fact that in recent years Précon was hired several times by Van Geloven is a confirmation of a satisfied customer for both Précon and the relevant consultant.

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