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Businesses in the food industry are bound by laws and regulations. Changes occur regularly and the quality manager is expected to always remain compliant.

Frequently asked questions are: How do I stay informed? And how can I be sure that I don’t miss any changes?

Find the answers in our Food Law Guide. Receive changes relevant to your business every week. This way you are always fully informed and you know which adjustments are necessary to comply with legislation.

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What can the Food Law Guide do for me?
The Food Law Guide achieves significant time savings because you have the legislative changes in one central place.

Due to the option of a company-specific profile, you only see the changes that apply to your company.

And, in the case of Explained! and Guided! you have access to a clear explanation of each legislative change, so that you do not have to read the entire legal texts.
What are the differences per subscription?
With Informed! you will be informed about relevant changes quick and easy, because the use of a company-specific profile. All laws are categorized in such a way that you can easily decide which laws to add to your profile.

The profile will keep you informed of all official legislative changes that are relevant to you.

Informed! also offers the possibility to consult overviews over a period.

Explained! is for companies that want to be sure that they act in accordance with consolidated laws and regulations. Being aware of legislation is one thing, but what do these changes mean for your business?

In Explained! there is a clear explanation for each legislative change, so that you do not have to go through the legal text. This saves you time and allows you to anticipate quickly in the processes in your company.

With Guided! you will be completely unburdened. At the start of the subscription, our consultant will visit your company. The intake provides an analysis of raw materials, processes and products for an optimal company-specific profile.

Every quarter you will receive practical advice about the implementation of the legislative changes tailored to your company.

Do you also have questions about the interpretation of legislation? Ask all your questions to the regulatory affairs helpdesk.
Can I use the Food Law Guide with several colleagues?
That is certainly possible. If needed, we can create login details for several people within each subscription.

You can then view the legislative changes in the Food Law Guide together with your colleagues.
What sources are used in the Food Law Guide?
The following sources are used in the Food Law Guide:

  • European legislation;

  • National Dutch legislation (to be expanded soon to Belgium legislation and other EU countries);

  • Case-law;

  • legal journals.

In addition to new laws and legislative changes, you will also find, for example, ROW reports, parliamentary questions and BOB applications in the Food Law Guide.

In each message you will read the official title, the date the legal change will entry into force, the link to the official announcement and at Explained! and Guided! the explanations, so that you do not have to go through the legal texts.
How is the Food Law Guide filled?
The Food Law Guide contains an automatic link to a number of reliable sources. The system is refreshed daily and supplemented with new and amended laws and relevant reports.

At Précon, our editorial team works on daily basis on the clear explanations of each message in the Food Law Guide. This editorial team consists of experienced regulatory affairs specialists who also draw up the quarterly reports.

They are also the consultants who are there for you when asking the helpdesk.
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