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Regulatory Affairs

What do your business, products and labels need to comply with according to the latest legislation and regulations? Complex use of language, a multitude of obligations and regular amendments in legislations often lead to obscurities and misunderstandings.

Compliance with the statutory requirements moreover requires ample knowledge, time and experience. Time you preferably spend on something else.

Précon follows the legislation closely. This way we know in a timely fashion what the impact on your organisation will be. And we assist you today to be prepared for tomorrow.

Resources and specification management

The professionals of Précon offer added value to customers by advising, counselling or supporting in respect of the specification management. From the design and improvement of an automated specification system (e.g. Quasydoc) to the development of a customised specification and labelling policy. Our consultants have extensive experience with various specification systems, e.g. SIM and TraceOne. With Précon you are also at the right address for the preparation of Vital reports to substantiate your allergen management.


On the basis of recipes and formulations our professionals provide for your complete label management. This can range from advice and support in the preparation of claims up to and including the complete label validation on the basis of national and international legislation and regulations. You can also entrust us with statutorily correct translations of your label claims.


According to the claims regulation businesses are bound by strict rules with regard to the use of food and health claims. These rules are not just applicable to the packaging but also to, for instance, advertising material and websites. Précon disposes of in-house expertise to assess and substantiate your claims and marketing texts in accordance with present legislation and regulations.
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