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Personal data

We collect your personal data for various purposes, e.g. the processing of your order, carrying on correspondence with you or handling an application. We can combine the information that we collected from you with the information that we obtained from other sources. As a consequence we can improve the general accuracy and completeness of the information and we can better gear our contact with you to you. In addition, we can also collect information with regard to your use of our websites. All data that are obtained via this site are stored in a strictly confidential manner. These data will not be shared, leased or sold or otherwise disclosed. In addition, we use security techniques to avoid loss, mutilation or any other deterioration of information.

What are your personal data used for

  • To handle your requests, by us or by others who are involved in the handling.
  • To contact you, for a customer satisfaction survey or in conjunction with certain transactions.
  • To support products or services that you purchased from us.
  • For marketing purposes, if you gave consent for this.
  • To gear your interaction with our sites to your person, to simplify the navigation and to prepare statistics about the use of websites.

Your options

If we collect data from you then you can inform us that you do not want them to be used for further marketing contacts. You can moreover switch off the use of cookies in your browser.


We use a number of cookies that we use to make our website as user-friendly as possible.

Functional cookies

Cookies that ensure that this website works properly:
  • remembering information that you enter on the various pages in order that you do not always have to enter your data again
  • communicating information from the one page to the other page
  • storing preferences, e.g. the language, location, the required number of search results to be shown.
  • storing settings for an optimal video representation, e.g. the required buffer size and the resolution data of your display
  • reading your brower settings to show our website to you in an optimal manner
  • detecting abuse of our website and services, for instance by registering a number of subsequent failed login attempts
  • simultaneously loading the website as a result of which the site remains accessible
  • offering the possibility of storing login details in order that you do not need to enter these every time
  • making it possible to react to our websites

Analysing cookies

Cookies with which we can measure the use of the website. As a consequence we are able to make the structure, navigation and content of the website as user-friendly as possible. We cannot trace the statistics and other reports to people.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics we measure how you use the website and how you found us. We use this knowledge to improve our sites. We concluded a processing agreement with Google and the data are processed in an encrypted and anonymous manner. We deactivated sharing data with Google. The cookies are retained for a maximum of 2 years. Google does not share anonymous data with third parties. Read the Privacy Policy of Google here

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg keeps track what you click on on our website. As a consequence we can optimise our page’s in order that we show you the latest information at the best places. The cookie that CrazyEgg places is to check whether you are a new visitor or a returning visitor. Crazy Egg does not share anonymous data with third parties. The cookies are retained for a maximum period of 5 years. Read the Privacy Statement of Crazy Egg here

Delete or deactivate cookies

Of course you can also deactivate our cookies and JavaScript. Then do keep in mind that our websites do not work optimally. How you can deactivate or delete cookies is explained here:


We will occasionally need to adjust these statements on account of the fact that, for instance, our website or the rules regarding cookies change. We can always change the content of the statements and the cookies included in the lists without prior notice. We advise you to regularly consult this web page for the latest version, to assess whether you want to revise your consent.

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