13 January 2021

Publication new General Principles of Food Hygiene – Codex Alimentarius.

The most important standard on the safety of our daily food safety has been renewed. The General Principles of Food Hygiene (GPFH) are the basis for legislation and certification standards for food hygiene and food safety worldwide. The renewal started in 2015 and the fifth version was published in 2020.

Perhaps the most interesting change is that the decision tree for determining Critical Control Points (CCPs) is no longer included. Based on the experiences of recent years, the experts in the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene (CCFH) agreed that the decision tree was too complicated and causing too much confusion.

Another important change is that the new GPFH include a concept for measures that fill the position between prerequisites and CCPs. These measures are referred to as “GHPs (Good Hygiene Practices) that require greater attention”. The concept of these GHP resembles that of the OPRPs (operational prerequisite programmes) of ISO 22000.

Also worth mentioning is that the standard looks different now. The HACCP system was an appendix and is now presented as chapter 2, with the prerequisite programmes in chapter 1. The definitions of HACCP are merged with those of the prerequisite programmes. A simplification has been introduced for the definition of a CCP. Overall, the prerequisite programmes are strengthened, for example when it comes to the control on allergens. In the HACCP system, the concept of validation is now related to control measures including their critical limits and to the hazard analysis and the HACCP plan as a whole.

If you would like to find out more about The General Principles of Food hygiene and HACCP, please take a look at our youtube video’s.


Paul Besseling
Paul Besseling

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