5 June 2020

Food safety hazards: All about the severity of hazards

June 7th is World Food Safety Day and at Précon, we take that to heart. For we have worked for over 25 years to improve food safety the world over. Now, on this day we present our reference guide Food safety hazards – All about the severity of hazards, available at Amazon.com.

Which substances make food unsafe? What are the adverse health effects of these substances?

Identifying hazards and improving food safety requires solid knowledge of different food hazards and their adverse effects on consumer health. This information is, however, not easily accessible, especially if you are not a physician or a toxicologist. In the food processing industry, the information about that is required relates to raw materials, processes and products as well as legislative developments in different markets.

Since the implementation of HACCP requirements, the food industry has acquired much knowledge about food hazards. At Précon, food safety is at the core of our services and for over 25 years our consultants have compiled an extensive database of food related hazards. The database contains information about all potential hazards in different raw materials, ingredients and consumer products and all hazards mentioned in European and Dutch legislation.

We have now combined this information to write Food safety hazards which gives a broad overview on the adverse effects on human health of many known food hazards. It aims to help food safety managers in assessing the severity of hazards. The hazards are presented in a clear and concise way. It is described how both the nature of the hazard and the condition or susceptibility of the consumer play a role in assessing the severity of harmful effects on consumer health. We hope that this guide will contribute to well-informed risk assessments and this to improving food safety.

Now available at Amazon: amazon.com

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Paul Besseling
Paul Besseling

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