18 January 2019

2019 will be the year of the renewed standards

Much is about to happen in 2019 in the area of the quality standards. We give you a brief overview per standard.

BRC Food 8
Effective from 1 February the changed BRC Food standard applies and the first audit will be conducted according to this standard. The changes with the most impact are the introduction of a food safety and quality culture, the obligation to dispose of a whistleblowers’ scheme and the expansion of the requirements regarding the environment survey. You can find the overview of all changes on our website. Here you can download the free cross table, which is a handy tool during the implementation of the renewed standard. Do you require more insight into the changes? Then attend our BRC information afternoons. Do you require more detailed information about the food safety culture theme? Then attend our training sessions ‘Improving the food safety culture’ and ‘Getting grip on food safety conduct’. Go to our training calendar for more information or to book an information afternoon or training session.

ISO 22000:2018
Meanwhile, the ISO 22000:2018 has been in force for a number of months but you may still need to start the implementation of the standard or you may be in the middle of the implementation. Then it is good to know that the most important renewal consists of the introduction of context and stakeholder analysis. In addition, a large number of HACCP definitions were tightened, as a result of which the HACCP analysis can be improved. Are you in need of more information about the changes? We also organise a number of information days in 2019 . Are you looking for more guidance on your HACCP method? For many years our HACCP training sessions have been based on the principles of ISO 22000. Have a look at our training calendar for our training offer, or rely on the assistance of one of our consultants in the revision of your HACCP study.

IFS Food 7
The publication of the IFS Food 7 was postponed to the summer of 2019. We expect this to also include the introduction of food safety and quality culture. Do you already want to dive into this? Then attend our training sessions ‘Improving the food safety culture’ and ‘Getting grip on food safety conduct’. You can find more information on our training calendar. Of course we inform you of the changes in version 7 of IFS Food via information afternoons and a cross table. Keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn for this.

FSSC 22000
In May 2019 the FSSC2000 standard version 5 is expected. This standard will be in line with the ISO22000:2018 standard and the new GFSI requirements. It goes without saying that upon publication of the standard we will inform you of the most important changes. Information afternoons about the FSSC22000 will also be added to our training calendar.

BRC Packaging Materials 6
Recently, the BRC has published the draft version for version 6 of the BRC Packaging Materials. Are you curious about the impact of the changes on your business? We made a list of the most important changes for you. We expect the publication of the definitive version in the summer of 2019.

IFS Broker 3
Formally, the present version of the IFS Broker standard is not recognised by the GFSI. Mid-2019 the renewed version is expected, which will comply with the GFSI requirements. When more information becomes available about this, we inform you accordingly via our website and LinkedIn.

In need of assistance?
As you can see, the chance is considerable that in the year to come you are held to implement changes in your quality system. You will be able and will want to do much of it by yourself. But where required Précon will provide assistance and expertise, also in 2019.


Marco Bakker
Marco Bakker

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