Specification Management

Preparing specifications is a complex process and errors can have far-reaching consequences, even leading to recalls. With Quasydoc you can automate the specification management process in such a way that the probability of error is greatly reduced.

Quasydoc offers the possibility to give your suppliers access to a closed environment in the system. Your suppliers can enter all raw materials’ information themselves. The final approval is yours, so you are completely in control. 

Quasydoc automatically formulates the final product specification based on recipe data while taking into account any process characteristics, such as weight and moisture loss. Based on the finished product specification, a label is immediately created and printed via, for example, Nicelabel. In addition, you can link the specification directly to systems such as PSinFoodservice and GS1.

The specifications can be drawn up in the desired structure. And, multiple templates can be created, for example for distinctive specifications per brand or per customer.

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