Inspection Rounds

Checklists, such as glass and hygiene rounds, can be automated. It is determined in advance which items should be watched during the round and whether a particular item is required to be assessed.

During the rounds through the production areas, the checklist is made visible on a telephone or tablet. The assessment can be immediately illustrated with a photo of the situation as itw as found.
Assign action items directly to a responsible employee. Link action points to the corrective and preventive action list, plan an intervention for the technical service or create a supplier complaint.

Because the results and actions of the inspection round are directly linked to employees, you create a uniform and structured working method. In addition, this quickly saves a lot of time compared to the current way of working.


BRC Food 8 includes the requirement that organisations must have a confidential reporting system, a whistle-blower scheme. Quasydoc developed a specific website for this, where employees can report anonymously. The designated confidential advisor within your organisation receives the reports in Quasydoc and can include them as an action item in Quasydoc. This means you are fully able to meet the requirement and this process is directly linked to the other processes in your organization.
Even if you work according to the IFS, FSSC22000 or ISO22000 standard, having a whistle-blower reporting system contributes to the food safety culture within your organisation.

Look at the added value of the modules



Document Management

Linked to the norms


Specification Management

Implement adjustments quickly and flawlessly


Supplier Management

Signalling functions so certificates never expire

Kwaliteit- en verbetermanagement

Quality Management and Improvement

Clear dashboards



Guaranteed follow up of complaints


Inspection Rounds

Direct input through smartphone or tablet


Whistle-blower Procedure

Anonymous, easy and confidential

QD collect

QD collect

Reliable due to real-time input

Free advice


Always informed

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