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The role of the quality manager in the food industry is changing, with the quality manager increasingly taking on the role of a process manager. This changing role requires an efficient approach for collecting and interpreting quality management data.

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Quasydoc's Benefits

  • Dashboard: clear and personalised, every user has direct insight into the relevant data.
  • Reporting function: follow-up of the action list guaranteed.
  • Transparent investment: a fixed amount per year, unlimited number of users.
  • All-in-1: one-time input of data, transparent and usable for the entire organisation.
  • Portal: time savings and error reduction, input specifications by supplier.
  • Points system: complaints directly linked to supplier assessment.
  • Modular construction: can be started up per module, can be expanded step by step.
  • Integration: link with GS1, PS in Food and ERP.
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Document Management

Linked to the norms  

Specification Management

Implement adjustments quickly and flawlessly  

Supplier Management

Reporting functions so certificates never expire  
Kwaliteit- en verbetermanagement

Quality Management and Improvement

Clear dashboards  


Guaranteed follow up of complaints  

Inspection Rounds

Direct input through smartphone or tablet  

Whistle-blower Procedure

Anonymous, easy and confidential  
QD collect

QD collect

Reliable due to real-time input  
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How do I successfully implement Quasydoc in my company?
Our consultants will help you to make the implementation of Quasydoc a success. Précon has developed an implementation approach, in which we work together to implement Quasydoc step by step. ‘Together’ means that we work with employees of your organisation to see how we can optimise your process. Then, we translate this into Quasydoc’s lay-out, so that Quasydoc supports your daily process. Both during the implementation process and after implementation, we regularly evaluate progress, so that we continue to provide you with customised support when necessary.
What can Quasydoc do for my company?
Quasydoc offers a solution for companies that wish to optimise their business processes and guarantee food safety. In this online QA software system, the applicable standards, legal and customer requirements can be controlled and the entire organisation, from management to shop floor, gets a better grip on quality.
How long has Quasydoc been around?
Quasydoc has been on the market since 2004 and has since proven itself as a reliable partner for quality management software. Quasydoc has been especially developed for and by quality managers in the food sector, making it a perfect match for Précon's services. Précon's experience in setting up and implementing quality systems can now be used to digitise them.
Where is the software installed?
The software works online, so that all information can be consulted in real time and from any location. It is not necessary to purchase your own network server. Quasydoc provides back-ups and updates for your system.
Why does Précon use Quasydoc?
Our professionals regularly come across digitisation issues at our customers. In addition to being compliant with quality standards and legislation, the implementation of improvements plays an increasingly important role in the quality department. Quasydoc is the solution for your digitisation issues. Quasydoc is an integrated software package for the quality manager, in which all quality management data is collected in one program.
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