Duijvestijn Tomatoes New products on the line mean adjustments in the production process

Tomato grower Duijvestijn is ambitious and is, apart from the drying of tomatoes, going to produce all sorts of new products in association with Kitchen.blue.

Think about spreads and salads, ranging from tomato-americain to cream cheese-pumpkin. The present production process is completely adjusted to this.

This kind of changes brings much about, namely there are new processes, resources and methods that must be implemented. It is time for Duijvestijn to have the risk analysis prepared by Précon in 2013 revised.

The challenge

The challenge of the contract at Duijvestijn could be found in the existing HACCP study. It is a challenging task to set up an entirely new study from an existing HACCP study with all present knowledge processed in it. For instance, new hazards will manifest themselves in respect of resources that had not been subject to literature research in 2013 yet.

The approach

After an intake of a day and a half at the tomato grower in Pijnacker, Précon could deliver a completely revised HACCP study in which the hazard inventory, the risk analysis of the resources and auxiliary materials and the processes were taken into account. And of course the HACCP study is ready for certification on the basis of the BRC-8 standard! In addition, Précon provided recommendations for the preparation of process schedules, a sampling plan and the temperature control of production areas. Duijvestijn appreciated the presence of the consultant on location during the idea phase. This way, the HACCP study could not just be handled but various ad hoc questions could also be answered. The result: a satisfied customer with a fresh HACCP study!

Professionals involved

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