Sylvaphane Group B.V. Pass the ISO and BRC audits flawlessly

Sylvaphane Holland and Sylvaphane Plastics have fully specialised in producing and supplying films for food packaging. They offer a wide range of films and have exactly the right film for every type of food.

Together with Euroflex, Bio4Pack and Plastic2Pack they are the Sylvaphane Group.

The Sylvaphane group is constantly looking for new and better packaging applications and always thinks in terms of solutions. The most modern equipment is used and Sylvaphane is committed to just-in-time deliveries, the best quality, optimal stock management and sophisticated logistics management.

As a partner in packaging, it can thus offer its customer unlimited possibilities in a clear and professional manner. The satisfied customers are mainly located throughout Europe in various industries, but mainly in the food industry. The past years have been characterized by constant growth of the company. Heimen van Diest, director, foresees that this trend will continue in the future.

As a partner in packaging, it can thus offer its customers unlimited possibilities in a transparent and professional manner. Their satisfied customers are located throughout Europe in various industries, though predominantly in the food industry. The past years have been characterised by the company’s continuous growth. Mr Heimen van Diest, director, foresees that this trend will continue in the future.

The Collaboration

“We have been working with Précon since 2016. This collaboration arose from a shortage of capacity.” says Heimen van Diest. “The position of quality manager was vacant at the time. Précon immediately assumed an executive and supporting role with the aim of safeguarding the legal requirements in our quality system. The Précon consultant was to the point and has made sure that everyone was on the same page. The pleasant cooperation with that consultant and our satisfaction with the services provided has resulted in the consultant’s current role, a completely different one, as and advisor. ”

“It is our experience that the consultant brings a lot of up-to-date knowledge about standards and laws and regulations and knows how to translate this very well and tailor it to our specific business situation.” adds Petra Ebbelaar, QESH coordinator.

The Challenge

“We are a flat organisation and practical.” says Heimen van Diest. “Also an innovative and dynamic organisation with more ‘doers than thinkers’. We recently completed the transition from ISO 9001: 2008 to 9001: 2015. At such a moment you experience Précon’s added value. We, the doers, may then think about the organisation based on the ISO standard, make a context analysis and consider our strengths and weaknesses. On a daily basis we are busy with these matters unconsciously, but we are less used to deliberately putting it on paper. The consultant mirrored this to us and provided structure for how to approach things. On an organisational level, the consultant has also initiated a number of changes: our HR personnel can now continue independently. During the same period, we worked hard together with the consultant to obtain BRC certification. The transition has been completed, the ISO 9001: 2015 and BRC (grade AA) certificates have been received. We are proud of the result we achieved, which is of the highest level. At such a moment we experience the added value of Précon. ”

Heimen van Diest says proudly: “The proof that Précon’s knowledge is of added value is that we have passed the ISO and BRC audits flawlessly. This is proof that the service, which is specifically tailored to our organization, is good!”

The Future

“We will continue to work with Précon in the future. They show us the way in the land of legislation and regulations. The consultant’s pro-active attitude gives us confidence that we are constantly up-to-date with legislation and regulations. ” says Heimen van Diest. “In addition, the consultant’s current knowledge and support to create and maintain support in the field on the organisation’s quality is very useful.” Petra Ebbelaar adds. “It is not without reason that quality is paramount to us.”

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