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At Précon, we are convinced that quality management is more than comply with quality standards such as BRC, IFS and FSSC22000. We always strive for a culture in which quality and continuous improvement are of paramount importance; a culture in which quality and operating results are balanced. Quality is not only about procedures, products and processes, but also about the attitude of everyone within the organization. That is why quality management must make the connection between customer and supplier and between shop floor and management. Because this connection is unique for each customer, we believe in a tailor-made approach.

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Which certification applies to my company?

Kwaliteitsmanagement - productie


For your company the BRC Food, IFS Food or FSSC 22000 apply.

Kwaliteitsmanagement - Verpakkingen


Do you produce packaging for the food industry? Then, BRC Packaging, IFS PACsecure or FSSC 22000 apply.

Kwaliteitsmanagement - Transport en opslag

Storage and Transport

Do you store or transport food products? Then BRC Storage & Distribution IFS Logistics or FSSC 22000 apply to you.

Kwaliteitsmanagement - Handel, import en export

Trade, Imports & Exports

You trade food products, but do not produce, store or transport yourself. Then, BRC Agents & Brokers or IFS Broker apply to your business.

Kwaliteitsmanagement - Groothandel & Retail

Wholesale & Retail

Do you sell food products in your store or wholesale? Then BRC Retail or IFS Wholesale/Cash & Carry are suitable for you.

Are you looking for help with the implementation of a standard? Contact us directly. Our professionals are happy to help you.

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Our approach

The right consultant in the right place

When you require Précon's assistance, we first identify what you need. Our goal is to make a perfect match between you as a client and our consultants. In addition to the level of expertise of our consultants, the personal match is also important.

The right expertise for the issue

In addition to their own expertise, our consultants also use the knowledge and experience of their colleagues. Every question is different, every solution is different. We see it as a challenge to choose the right solution form for every assignment!

Bespoke solutions

Our approach is characterized by the fact that we do not have a standard solution. No fixed templates, but work out together what best suits your company. Précon believes in practice-oriented customisation, so that you really experience our added value after the assignment has been completed. We always aim for you to be able to continue under your own steam after a certain period of time.

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Is it mandatory to have a quality standard?
European regulations and the Dutch Commodities Act stipulate that companies must have a food safety system. The Dutch Food and Drug Authority (NVWA) supervises this in the Netherlands. Having quality standards is not a (legal) obligation. However, in many cases your customers require you to have a quality standard.
What do I need to do to get certified for one of the standards?
When you have made the choice to get certified for one of the standards, a Précon consultant will come to your company to identify what is needed to obtain certification. Afterwards you will receive a report of this baseline assessment, in which is clearly described which steps need to be taken. It goes without saying that Précon can also help with the implementation of the steps still to be taken.
Can Précon help me implement a quality standard?
Yes, you have come to the right place! We do not use a standard approach, but believe that every company is unique and therefore needs a unique approach. Read more about our approach here.
Besides the well-known quality standards, are there also customer-specific requirements?
Although BRC, IFS and FSSC22000 aimed to prevent the proliferation of specific standards, we see that some customers have additional requirements on top of these standards. Some Dutch retailers, for example, conduct additional Product Integrity Audits (PIA). Naturally, Précon can assist you in implementing these customer-specific requirements.
What can Précon do for me when preparing for an external audit?
After the requirements for the quality standard have been implemented, Précon can assist you in the run-up to the external audit. We look at what is needed to be ready for the external audit. We do this by conducting internal audits. The results of this dress rehearsal will show you exactly what still needs to be done to achieve a positive result successful during the external audit.
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