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Through corporate social responsibility (CSR) your organisation contributes to a sustainable development. At Précon we are of the opinion that businesses with corporate social business practices have an integral vision on the business operations and accept responsibility for the effect of their operations on man and the environment. In practice this means that businesses that apply corporate business practices balance the social, commercial and environmental effects on every decision.

It is crucial to enter into discussions with interested parties (stakeholders). This provides important information that helps to gain insight into the consequences of a decision. It is also important that the business is transparent about its operations and the associated social effects. Transparency is an important principle of CSR.

Précon employs consultants with extensive experience in the counselling of businesses in case of issues in the area of CSR. In recent years Précon has cooperated with CSR Netherlands in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices. In addition, in association with the Nyenrode Business University, Précon developed a practical programme, specifically for businesses in the food supply chain. Every question is different, every solution is different. We consider it a challenge to select the right form of solution for every contract. Précon believes in practical customisation, directly workable, in order that after completion of the contract you actually experience our added value. This goes beyond the realisation of some ‘quick wins’. It covers organisational development in all aspects of the business operations.
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