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Organisational Optimisation

Organisations in the food chain are continuously looking for possibilities to improve their performances. For instance by increasing the return, reducing losses during the production or anticipating change in customer requirements.

In many instances instruments like TPM, Lean and 6 Sigma are used to arrive at improvement.

Critical about business processes

Improving requires a critical look at the own organisation. What is going well and what qualifies for improvement? Guiding principle in the approach of Précon is that employees mostly personally think about the effectiveness of their work. They have ideas about how things can be done more easily, faster and more affordably. A considerable potential of possibilities for improvement can be used if these ideas are taken seriously and the possibility is offered to put the plan into action.

For the successful implementation of improvement projects Précon can assist your business in:

  • the formulation of a clear story for the management about the necessity of continuous improvement;
  • the guidance of managers in order to arrive at required exemplary conduct;
  • the implementation of improvement processes with the employees;
  • the implementation of the correct tools (TPM, 6 Sigma, WCM, Lean, Kaizen) appropriate for your organisation; and
  • the training of your employees in the use of the tools and the independent contribution to improvements.

Interim Black Belt

If you want to manage an improvement project successfully then you can rely on a qualified interim Black Belt of Précon. Immediately deployable as a project leader for the management of your improvement projects with regard to quality control and quality improvement. Our Black Belts are deployed for various activities where the technological background plays an important role.

They are, depending on your wishes, responsible for:

  • the composition of a (Lean) Six Sigma project team;
  • the management of improvement processes according to the (Lean) Six Sigma methodology;
  • the support of project employees during the implementation of improvement projects;
  • the availability of specific knowledge with regard to quality control and improvement;
  • the inventory of improvement potential;
  • the reporting on the project progress.
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