Hazard Analysis

A good hazard analysis should not be without a list of relevant hazards. Of course you have made flow charts of the processes and you have overviews of the raw materials and the associated suppliers. But when you do a hazard analysis, what are you actually looking for? A good hazard inventory answers this question.

A hazard inventory lists all hazards that could possibly ever be present in products. It could be that the hazard was already present in the raw material, it could also be that the hazard ended up in the product during processing. To know the relevant hazards, it is first of all important to know which hazards are mentioned in legislation. But sources such as one's own experience, scientific literature and systems such as RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) are also important.

In recent years, Précon has set up an extensive database with information on more than 190 different hazards. The database contains information about the raw materials and products in which these hazards may occur, about the norms in legislation or in other standards, about the damage that these hazards can cause to the health of consumers and about the nature and origin of the various hazards. Précon has made this database available.

For whom?

The database is intended for all food companies that wish to take their hazard analysis seriously. The database contains more than 190 hazards linked to 23 product groups divided into more than 200 subgroups. In this classification we have been guided by the classification used in legislation. With this we maintain a clear relationship between the 40 different laws that lie behind the database.

All information on relevant hazards

We make a tailor-made hazard inventory from our complete database. Together with you, we will look at the different product groups and we will select the groups that are relevant for you. All relevant hazards are then linked in the database, together with all associated information about the nature and origin of the hazard, the severity and the standards in legislation.

How do we do this?

To tailor the database we will consult with you, preferably online, where you can view our database. Together, we will select the relevant raw material and / or product groups.


You can extend your first purchase of the database with a subscription of € 200 per year. You will receive updates with the latest news about hazards four times a year.

Buy this database

We offer the database for € 780. The tailor-made hazard inventory is supplied as an Excel file. That means you can work with it the way you want. In combination with the course Control Raw Material Hazards, we offer this database with a one-off discount of € 200.


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